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This ruggedised splice enclosure is designed to allow up to 60 individual fibers, incorporating a hinged door to provide easy access for installation and re-work.

The enclosure is suitable for a range of harsh environments with an impressive IP68 rating.

It can be placed in aerial, wall mounted, or duct mounted locations.

  • Opens via left hand hinge
  • Multi cable entry points
  • Integrated Pressure valve
  • Integrated Earth Point
  • Holds up to 60 single Fibers
  • Integrated fiber management
  • Mechanically Sealed ( compression)
  • Multi Functional Splicing Options
  • Includes All Splice Protection
  • Includes Wall Mounting Bracket and Fixings
  • Can Be Pole Mounted (Optional Extra)
  • Can Be Aerial Mounted (Optional Extra)
  • IP68 to 1.5mtr

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