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Category 6A Unscreened (U/UTP) Cable - LSOH

Excel Category 6A - Augmented Category 6 - cables, and associated connectors, take the performance capabilities of copper infrastructure to new levels. Designed to the current ISO and EIA/TIA standards for Class Ea augmented Category 6A performance, these products are intended to deliver reliable, high network performance over link distances of up to 90 metres, including support of emerging applications such as 10GBase-T, 10 Gigabit Ethernet.

Each cable consists of 4 Unscreened twisted pairs which are formed around specifically designed X filler, manufactured from lightweight flexible polyethelene.
The term alien crosstalk is given to the transfer of noise between adjacent cables which can degrade system performance, and data integrity. The likelihood of this occuring is high in cables with standard circular designs as they will inevitably lay closely together in a uniform manner when installed. Non circular cables, together with carefully controlled manufacturing processes, and the use of X fillers, protect against alien crosstalk, through cable design rather than the use of shields.
Excel Category 6A U/UTP have a unique oval appearance to enable, and ensure, that installed looms of cables are not able to form consistent side by side bundles which would increase the probability of alien crosstalk between adjacent cables.
Excel Category 6A cables are jacketed in an Ice Blue low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) compound compliant with flame retardant standards as defined in IEC 60332-1, and smoke emission standards IEC61034.

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Artikelnr: DON-C6A/UTP-HF

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