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Fluke CFP2-100-S Singelmod

Fluke Networks CFP2-100-S


  • Includes Versiv mainframe, Single Mode OLTS and Wi-Fi
  • 3 second Autotest optical loss measurement of two fibers at two wavelengths with distance measurement and optical loss budget calculation
  • Automatic Pass/Fail analysis to industry standards or custom test limits
  • Double ended Pass/Fail certification of fiber optic connector endfaces
  • Graphical indication of problem areas on fiber endfaces due to contamination, pits, chips and scratches
  • Interchangeable power meter adapters available for all typical connector types (SC, ST, LC and FC) to enable the most accurate 1-jumper reference method 
  • Built-in visual fault locator for basic troubleshooting and polarity determination 
  • Dual wavelength measurement capability on a single fiber allows the tester to be used in applications that require only one fiber link
  • Allows combined OLTS Tier 1 (basic), OTDR Tier 2 (extended) certification, end-face inspection and reporting when paired with OptiFiber Pro OTDR
  • Set reference wizard verifies test reference cords (TRCs) per ISO/IEC 14763-3 and eliminates negative loss errors
  • Encircled Flux compliant optical launch conditions as required by ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC standards for testing multimode fiber 
  • Certify fiber optic endfaces to industry standards - IEC 61300-3-35

Artikelnr: CFP2-100-S

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