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Fluke SimpliFiberPro Power meter

SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter

Simple-to-use fiber-loss tester with advanced time-saving features.
Choose from various kits with configurations to meet your fiber verification, inspection, and cleaning needs.

Följande våglängder: 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 och 1625nm 


  • Single-port, simultaneous dual-wavelength feature completes testing in half the time and saves measurements from both wavelengths into one record
  • Additional 1490 and 1625 nm wavelengths extends product use to broader applications
  • CheckActive™ feature emits an audible tone and displays an icon when a live fiber is detected, eliminating the need to set up a measurement
  • FindFiber™ Remote ID enables one individual to quickly identify cable connections or routings (especially useful at patch panels), eliminating the need for multiple technicians on opposite ends of a fiber link to match color combinations
  • Min/Max capability automates precision tracking of intermittent power fluctuations
  • Large internal memory save 1000 results which enables continuous testing and recording
  • LinkWare Cable Test Management software helps to analyze test results and create professional test reports
  • Various kit configurations for all “first line” fiber handling needs, including fiber verification, inspection, and cleaning – all housed in a professional, rugged carrying case


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