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Planet PL-5XX/ 7XX /104U via Elnätet

PLANET PL "Power Line"

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200Mgb samt 500Mgb via RJ45 över det lokala elnätet i hemmet.

Samt 14Mgb via USB PL-104U

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With PLANET powerline communication products, the power outlets are no longer to be just as the power receptacles but can also be the network connection point.

The PLANET PL-501 is a Powerline to Ethernet Bridge with a RJ-45 Ethernet interface which directly connects to your computers or Ethernet networks.

Plug & Play
To share the network connection in the house or office, you will not need to spend time and money to install Ethernet cables but simply plug the PL-501 into the power outlets anywhere in the house or office.

Through the multiple outlets in every room, the PL-501 allows you to use the existing electrical wiring to build the connection in the entire house or office without the clutter of messy wiring.

High Performance & Security
The PL-501 provides the advantages of cost effectiveness, easy installation, and no need of additional wire. It offers the speed up to 200Mbps data rate which is the highest speed in powerline data transmission. Moreover, the PL-501 features 128-Bit AES data encryption that improves the network security and reliability, and protects the data leaked by anyone else

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Datablad PL-751

Datablad PL-104U USB

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