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Planet WNAP-C3220 Wireless Ceiling Mount Range Extender AP Access Point Antenn


Bygg ut ditt trådlösa nätverk.
Med en extra AP Accesspoint.

Kontakta oss och berätta vad ni söker/ behöver,
Så berättar vi mera vad vi kan erbjuda.

Datablad WNAP-C3220

Is a stylish PoE Wireless Access Point featuring the latest wireless technology and unique ceiling-mount artistic design.

It offers 300Mbps 802.11n wireless speed, multiple operation modes, Gigabit LAN connectivity and 802.3af Power over Ethernet features to increase client mobility and speed within a network.
Home Wireless Range Extender
The WNAP-C3220 is characterized of ceiling mounting design and advanced MIMO technology which reduces the effect of dead spot, so that it can get better coverage of existed wireless network.

The WDS and repeater modes by the WNAP-C3220 minimize installation and cabling cost.

Sleek styling housing and ceiling mountable design makes the WNAP-C3220 blends unobtrusively into any ceiling or wall for various environments.
This perfect product also creates a secure, cost-effective and highly scalable wireless LAN infrastructure.
It is ideal for enterprises, hotels, hospitals and home users to extend wireless network coverage.

Ultra High Speed 802.11n Wireless

Artikelnr: WNAP-C3220

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