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Quick and easy test on RJ-45 outlet for Power over Ethernet existence in a second

PLANET POE-TESTER is an easy-to-use PoE diagnostic adapter for network installers,
company MIS and even home users to quickly identify the existence of Power over Ethernet on applications network.

It is designed to detect if the IEEE 802.3af/at PoE voltage runs over the UTP cable and identify the type of PSE (Power Source Equipment) for troubleshooting.

Plug and Show LED Indicators

Simply connect the POE-TESTER to the PSE or the RJ-45 outlet and the LED will light up when it detects the PoE voltage via the UTP cable and identifies the PSE to be mid-span, end-span, or even the latest 4-pair 60-watt ultra PoE in a second.

Produktblad POE-TESTER

Artikelnr: POE-TESTER

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