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NETcat® PRO 2, NC-500

  • Test and troubleshoot telephone, data and coax wiring
  • NETcat Pro 2 New Features:-
    • Gigabit device capability detection (still detects 10 baseT and 100 baseT too)
    • Cable type, velocity of propagation library, user editable
    • Power over Ethernet (PoE) detection
    • Memo pad
  • Detect split pairs, short circuits, broken and crossed wires
  • Step TDR technology shows length to open or short of all pairs
  • Test shielded twisted-pair(STP), unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) & coaxial cables
  • Test patch cords and remote jacks
  • Touch-screen control, included stylus slots into main unit
  • Large icons ensure easy use with your finger too
  • Large 3 IN (76mm) backlit high-contrast (user adjustable) monochrome display is highly visible in dark or brightly lit areas
  • Remote test and ID unit stores in base of main unit
  • Can identify up to 8 remote test ID units (7 extra available in NC-510 accessory kit along with carrying case)
  • Tone generator with four selectable precision frequency tones, compatible with Greenlee advanced digital signal processing probes
  • Operates on single 9V battery with low battery indication


    Video NETcat PRO 2
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