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IDEAL SecuriTEST IP camera/ Digital/ Analog/ HD Coax CCTV Tester.

IDEAL SecuriTEST IP Digital/ Analog/ HD Coax CCTV Tester

Video SecuriTEST IP


SecuriTEST IP is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital /IP-camera, HD coax and analogue CCTV camera systems.

With a single tester that can power, configure and document.

SecuriTEST IP increases productivity from start to finish.

Supply power to cameras via PoE/PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) or standard 12V DC power using its internal Li-Ion battery, eliminating the need for external power adapters and injectors.

The QuickIP™ feature allows installers who are new to IP camera systems to quickly and easily connect to cameras without being network experts.

Create professional test reports including video screen shots to verify the job has been completed successfully and reduce unpaid call backs.


  • Connect to various cameras using RJ45, Wi-Fi or BNC ports
  • Power the camera with 12V from the Li-Ion battery or PoE/PoE+
  • Faster camera login using the unique QuickIP™ function
  • Comprehensive camera setup with aim, focus, PTZ, presets and network settings
  • Provide proof of installation with PDF reports that show camera parameters and multiple video screen-shots
  • Eliminate guess work with data cable and network troubleshooting tools 

Kit Content

1 x SecuriTEST IP Camera Tester,
1 x carry case,
1 x neck strap,
1 x PSU EU/UK/US/AU adapters,
1 x cable tracer/remote,
1 x 3m Cat. 5e UTP patch cable,
1 x 3m coax cable with two end BNC (m) connectors,
1 x 3m DC12V 3.5(f) to 2.5(f) power cable,
2 x RS485 female green plugs,
1 x 0.5m RS485 cable with female green plug and two clips,
1 x 0.5m audio male jack with other end two clips,
1 x quick reference guide,
1 x 8GB microSD card and reader with USB adapter.

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